How to contribute (Code) to the Swap-N-Pop

Github Issues

Feel free to work on any open github issues there are, even ones that are assigned to people already.

Push the branch if you have something complete but progressed a bit so that others can pick up where you left off.

Issues don't need to be 100% complete to be submitted as a pull request. If it doesnt break anything we will merge the code and wait for the rest.

Getting Your Code Accepted

  1. Fork the project
  2. Find/create an unclaimed or slow moving issue
  3. Branch based on issue id and part of its name eg. 34-round-counter
  4. Submit a Pull Request
  5. Your Pull Request will be reviewed and then merged

Styling Guide

We aren't strict, though we ask if you can keep to duck typing and lowercase underscore. #deathToCamelCase

Its more important issues are completed then getting hung up over preferences

Test Code

We have test code but we test where its practical unless its concerning core mechanics or multiplayer since those are not comprisable due to their critical important to work correctly. So if you add anything to the core of the game make sure the tests still work and update them to your newest additions.

How do I write test code?

All our test code lives under /spec

Unit tests are named generally after the file they are testing with the same directory structure.


  • src/renderer/components/panel.js
  • spec/src/renderer/components/panel_spec.js

Integration tests generally live at the root of /src/renderer. So you'll see ones such as online_spec.js and update_spec.js

What are we using?

  • We are using jest
  • We use shouldamatchers via chia
  • We mock objects using sinon

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